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2012 - 2014 101 things in 1001 days from Jan 1, 2012 to Sep. 28, 2014

I was looking at my last list and I saw that I accomplished some things and not others. I'm going to edit and remove some things and add others.

So here is my list for Jan 1, 2012 to Sept. 28, 2014


1.  Use the gym at school
2.  Join a yoga class.
3.  Try belly dancing.
4.  Try to exercise at least 2 to 3 times a week.
5.  Work on losing 1.5 to 2 lbs per week
6. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Health and Beauty

7.  Drink at least  2 cups of water a day
8.  Eat one piece of fruit a day
9. Use my Cetaphil every day
10. Look after my hair more.
11  Floss my teeth every night.
12. Take my iron pill once a week.
13. Have my hair grow at least to midback length.
14. Moisturize my hair every other day.
15. Cut down on my fast food intake to once a week
16. Cut down on drinking soda to twice a week
17. Eat beef twice a week
18. Use less salt when eating


19.  Relearn French.
20.  Learn a new language like Spanish or Japanese.
21.  Sell old textbooks
22.  Study at least 15 hours/week for my courses.
23.  Use alumni card to get discounts on books
24.  Use the school library more
25.  Check out the Career Centre at school.
26.  Apply for at least one scholarship or bursary
27.  Review notes for at least 15 minutes after each class
28. Read one chapter of my textbook each day

29. Do another mininanowrimo
30. Write a short story once a week
31. Keep a journal;


32.  Organize my bedroom.
33.  Get rid of any clutter.
34.  Learn to cook.
35   Learn to crochet and/or knit.
36  Sell old computer parts on ebay
37.  Read at least two books a month.
38.  Keep in contact with my family and friends more.
39.  Discover new music.
40.  Lessen my procrastination.
41.  Try to make a weekly to do list
42.  Never give up even when the going gets tough; to always stay positive.
43. Visit the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art.
44. Find a job.
45. Keep up with my volunteer duties.
46. Use my dayplanner.
47. Find ways to keep myself motivated.
48. Stay positive.
49.  Try to make a daily to do list.
50.  Start watching Leverage.
51. Take calculated risks without having any regrets.
52. Try new foods.
53. Become more independent.
54. Write in my lj more constantly.
55. Visit galleries and museums.
56. Watch a movie every month.
57. Don't be afraid to ask for help if I need it.
58. Find a work at home job.
59. Get rid of old emails.
60. Travel to California.
61. Visit Montreal and Quebec City.
62. Study astrology.
63. Fall in love.
64. Create a five year goal plan
65. Go on fun dates with guys.
66. Be straightforward and tell it like it is.
67. Get rid of old stuff on old hard drive.
68. Do at least one MysteryShopping assignment.
69. Clean my laptop.
70. Try learn something new every month.
71. Try to visit new websites.
72. Learn how to make videos.
73. Do well on my interviews.
74. Plant perennials for the summer.
75. Create a 10 year goal plan.
76. Try different recipes.
77.  Watch at least two movies a month.
78.  Watch at least two documentaries a month.
79.  Send resumes to employment agencies.
80.  Revise and update resumes.
81.  Remember to use coupons more often.
82.  Join a coupon club.
83.  Do research on master of nursing program.
84.  Visit the Textile museum
85.  Visit Ottawa
86. Create a 5 year goal plan
87. Join one or two clubs at school
88. Make 2 new friends
89. Find a boyfriend
90. Get A's on my courses
91. Read an inspirational quote each day
92. Blog at least once a week on livejournal
93. Save $20 a month to savings account
94. Learn a new word each day
95. Attend at least one Meetup.com event each month
96. Create a family tree
97. Learn to cook one meal each week
98. Try a new restaurant each month
99. See a new movie each month
100. Watch a documentary each month
101. Write a letter to open to myself in 10 years.

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